About Us

Do you like vanilla icecream?

Welcome Friend!

You finally found back home... How are you? Feeling lost and cold? Here is a cup of tea. Please, take a seat.

This site is made for you, the vanilla fans. It's goal is to bring people of all ages together, create awesome spaces, articles, posts and of course to find new friends! You are looking for that old friend who played on a private server or retail? We hope you're able to find him here!

You are able to fill out your profile with informations about servers you played on, characters you played there and guilds you were in! This way you can use our search to find other players.

But this is not the best thing! This site can be used to organize your upcoming guild. Everyone can create so called spaces. These spaces can be public, private or hidden with options for everyone to join, invite only or request. This way you have full control over you space. You are also able to activate modules like wiki, tasks, galleries, custom pages, calendar, polls and links (this way you could link to google forms for guild applications). A brief preview can be seen over here.
Spaces give guilds the possibilities to share their latest boss kills with everyone interessted in such things (first kill races anyone?) for example. To stay up to date with a guild, you can simply follow their space.

Another player is a god in PvP and shares his PvP videos on his profile? You can follow him to stay up to date.

Whenever Blizzard is releasing more informations about Classic servers, we will expand this site with useful functions (for example: realm names in your profile if there are multiple realms coming)

WoW-Vanilla.com can also be used by people who like to write articles about tactics, tipps and tricks and news all around Classic WoW. Our search engine makes it easy for players to find these articles on this platform.

But at the end of the day, the success of this platform depends on you - the future players of Classic WoW. We can only give you the tools.